Personal Information Protection Policy

The Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology (JSTP) acknowledges the significance of protecting personal information with regard to collection, use and management of the members' personal information, and shall ensure proper protection of members' privacy in accordance with the following policy:

1. Collection of Personal Information

JSTP collects the personal information of the members as deemed necessary for operation of the Society. JSTP collects members' personal information through submission by members via registration at the Account Setting of the Society's website. Additionally, JSTP maintains the records such as members' participation in the events and activities of the Society.

2. Use of Personal Information

JSTP compiles a membership directory with the personal information collected, and utilizes the directory for the purposes to operate the Society, and to contact and provide information to the members.

3. Protection of Personal Information

JSTP shall make every effort to ensure proper control of the personal information to prevent its leakage to the parties outside of the Society. In the case where the whole, or part, of handling of the personal information is contracted out to a subcontractor, JSTP shall select a reliable subcontractor, and ensure proper management and handling of personal information by the subcontractor. JSTP shall not disclose or provide any third party the personal information of the members unless such disclosure is warranted. Any member shall not disclose the list and/or any personal information of the other members that one has obtained through the activities such as operation of the Society.

4. Access to and Update of Personal Information

Members shall have free access to their own personal information collected by JSTP through the Account Setting of the Society's website. A member shall promptly update their own personal information through the Account Setting when any correction or change is needed.

5. Revision of Personal Information Protection Policy

JSTP may revise this policy without prior notice in order to comply with the amendment of the Personal Information Protection Act or for other reasons. Such revisions shall be announced in the JSTP newsletters and on the JSTP website. The latest revised policy shall be applied to the personal information collected before the revisions.

6. Contact for Inquiries about Personal Information Protection Policy and Responsible Official

Contact: Secretariat, the Japanese Society of Toxicologic pathology
Phone: 81-(0)-3-6824-9370 FAX: 81-(0)-3-5227-8631
Responsible Official: Chair, Membership Committee, the Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology

Established on January 31, 2014
Revised on April 1, 2016