Code of ethics

The Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology aims to distribute research results concerning the scientific principle of toxicologic pathology and its wide application, to exchange knowledge, and to achieve promotion of toxicologic pathology through collaboration among members and with national or foreign scientific societies, and by doing so aims to make wide contributions to society. This code of ethics is to be the basis of the ethical precept to be followed for achieving the aims of the said Society.

  1. Society members should endeavor to further promote the field of toxicologic pathology. Members should also take part in international as well as domestic scientific activities, and contribute to the global advancement of toxicologic pathology.
  2. Society members should widely contribute to society through the advancement of biological sciences, the development of novel pharmaceuticals, pesticides and food additives, and the evaluation of the effects of chemicals and environmental chemicals to human health.
  3. Society members should acquire the latest knowledge and techniques concerning their specialized fields and to continue lifelong study.
  4. Society members should comply to laws, ordinances and related regulations when undertaking scientific research and publication.
  5. Society members should in accordance to scientific principles follow and promote the concept of animal welfare and the Declaration of Helsinki.
  6. Society members should avoid conflicts of interest, and if any arise, should disclose information to ensure fairness and transparency when presenting at scientific meetings, submitting scientific papers, performing educational activities and various activities related to operation of the said Society.